Whilst pleasant and sour is a popular dish in the West, numerous Chinese cooks would not also imagine cooking it. It is this custom and background which has actually provided China such an incredibly rich and varied food. Whilst world in China began a minimum of 7000 years ago records do not date back this much, yet what archaeology has actually shown is that food has always had a main role in the lives of Chinese people. The most effective chefs competed with each other for imperial authorization, hoping to be designated as royal cooks. The very best recipes created by the cooks integrated fine food and also wellness benefits for which they received abundant rewards. Those meals which ended up being most prominent ended up being food that the richest throughout China ate upon. Chinese food is not only well-known for its taste yet also its names. With recipes such as “Phoenix and also Dragon” or “Ants Climbing on Trees” much enjoyable can be had in discovering the tales behind the names over an excellent meal. One trouble several foreigners have with getting Chinese food is the language barrier. Chinese menus are written in Chinese characters – an infamously difficult language which takes a long period of time to learn.