Med-surg nursing relates to ALL locations of nursing treatment as well as will significantly elevate your abilities as well as expertise far beyond that of the nurses who have always just operated in one specialty area for their whole job. This is not across the board at all healthcare facilities, however it does take place at many. The issue is that at most centers, both your present supervisor and also the manager of the system you want to be transferred to have to both approve the transfer. This can cause problems, particularly if you are a great registered nurse as well as employee. This is because good registered nurses can be difficult to locate, (though there are lots of). Your existing manager may not want you to leave as well as might drag her heals on the approval. Lots of health centers will certainly have a specific time of the year when they take applications for brand-new nurses straight out of nursing school to attempt to acquire a specialty placement which they will train them for. It is very competitive for these pupils, as the majority of centers will certainly take extremely few brand-new nurses simultaneously. So if you are seeking to change your specialty as well as maintain striking a block wall, consult the human resources department of a few centers to see of they offer an internship program for brand-new nurses and when the application process starts.