It is really distinct as a result of the cooking and also flavoring design which is quite distinct from all others. Japanese food is additionally based on culture that should not just consume with his mouth, however additionally with his eyes. Domburi is a preferred rice meal of the Japanese food which is cooked rice in a bowl with other food that is put on top of it. The common toppings consist of egg and chicken (oyakodon), beef (gyudon) and also tonkatsu (katsudon). The left over rice can still be become delightful Chazuke or prepared rice with some green tea in it. The Japanese Food also has this soft cooked, watery rice just like an oat meal which they call Kayu. Noodle Cuisines of Japanese Food. One of the most prominent noodle dishes is the Ramen which Japanized since it was initially from China. The Soba as well as Udon are native Japanese noodles that were constructed out of wheat flour. It can be offered warm or chilly together with garnishes of your choice. A summertime specialized noodle is called the Somen. The Nabe Dishes of Japanese Food. Oden is one kind of this recipe which incorporates boiled egg, fish cakes and kombu algae. These are steamed in soya sauce for number of hours. The items require to be dipped in raw eggs because they are actually eaten.